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Welcome to LawRunner Israel: A Legal Research Tool, an intelligent agent-based front-end interface for the world's largest and best World Wide Web index, Google. A superior index of more than 3 billion web pages, Google handles millions of searches per day.

To help you limit your searches to information relevant to a particular nation, ILRG has produced a series of advanced query templates, or forms, designed to assist researchers in taking advantage the query parameters built into Google.

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The State of Israel, The Judicial Authority


Law of Return 5710-1950
Party Financing Law, 1973
Golan Heights Law
Environmental law in Israel

Government Resources

State of Israel Web Site
Office of the Prime Minister
Israel's Government in Action
The Knesset--The Israeli Parliament

Government Ministries & Bureaus

Israeli Antitrust Authority
Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics
Israeli Defense Forces
Israeli Foreign Ministry
Israeli Ministry of Defense
Israeli Ministry of Finance
Israeli Ministry of Health
Israeli Ministry of Immigrant Absorption
Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs
Israeli Ministry of Science

Other Authorities

Bank of Israel
Bituach Leumi, National Insurance Institute
Government Companies Authority
Government Internet Committee
Government Press Office
Union of Local Authorities
Israel Export Institute

Business Sites

Analyst Online
Bezeq 144
Dun & Bradstreet Israel
IBM Israel's Electronic Phonebook
Israeli Chambers of Commerce
Standard & Poors
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.
TrendLine Shemesh
Trendline Honline
Yellow Pages--Israel's Telephone Directory

Statutes, Codes, and Judicial Opinions

The Knesset--The Israeli Parliament
Proclamation of Independence
Basic Laws
Hebrew Laws Relating to the Knesset
Rules of Procedure
Declaration of Israel's Independence
Basic Laws of the State of Israel
Selected judgments from the Israeli Supreme Court
Legal Issues and Basic Laws in Israel

The Peace Process

Selected Reference Documents on the Peace Process
Israel-PLO Recognition
Israel-Palestinian Declaration of Principles
Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area
Agreement on the Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities
Interim Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians
Treaty of Peace between Israel and Jordan
Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty

Law Faculties & Colleges

Becoming a Lawyer in Israel FAQ
Bernard G. Segal Law Library Center.
Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty
Hebrew University, Jerusalem Faculty of Law
Haifa University Faculty of Law
Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law
Law University
Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Business, Law & Technology
Law School of The College of Management, Academic Studies

Legal Publishers & Legal Software

Halachot Publishing House
Syga Publishing Ltd.
TakdiNet Gold
Legal Forms for QTofes' QText
Legal Forms for for Microsoft Word
Developers of Hivun
Oryan Publishers Israel Real Estate

Intellectual Property

Computer Law via TeleTel

Other Israeli Internet Sources

U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - Israel
Guide to Israel


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