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Title XXXVI  Business Organizations

Searchable Index of Florida Statutes

Chapter 606  Business Coordination
Chapter 607  Corporations
Chapter 608  Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 609  Common-Law Declarations of Trust
Chapter 610  Uniform Act for Simplification of Fiduciary Security Transfers
Chapter 616  Public Fairs and Expositions
  Part I  General Provisions (§§ 616.001-616.24)
  Part II  Trade And Safety Standards (§§ 616.241, 616.242)
  Part III  Florida State Fair Authority (§§ 616.251-616.265)
Chapter 617  Corporations Not For Profit
Chapter 618  Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Associations
Chapter 619  Nonprofit Cooperative Associations
Chapter 620  Partnership Laws
  Part I  Uniform Limited Partnerships (§§ 620.101-620.192)
  Part II  Uniform Partnership Act (§§ 620.56-620.77)
  Part III  Registered Limited Liability Partnerships (§§ 620.78-620.789)
  Part IV  Revised Uniform Partnership Act (§§ 620.81001-620.91)
Chapter 621  Professional Service Corporations and Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 622  Foreign Unincorporated Associations
Chapter 623  Private School Corporations

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