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Legal Indices and Search Engines

Critical Law Search Tools

GPO Gate: Search U. S. Government Documents
A service of the Libraries of the University of California, GPO Gate allows for full-text searches of U.S. government documents, including the Code of Federal Regulations, Commerce Business Daily and Archives, Congressional Bills Database, Congressional Directory, Congressional Documents, Congressional Record Index (CRI), Congressional Record, Constitution of the United States of America, Department of the Interior Reports of the Office of the IG, Economic Indicators, Economic Report of the President, Federal Register, GAO Comptroller General Decisions, GAO Reports, GILS Records, GPO Access User's Guide, Government Manual, History of Bills, House Calendar, House Rules Manual, Privacy Act Issuances, Public Laws, Senate Calendar, Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975), Unified Agenda, and United States Code.
Internet Sleuth's Law-Related Search Engines
Internet Sleuth's Court Search Engines
Internet Sleuth's Legal News & Discussion Groups Search Engines
Internet Sleuth's Government Search Engines
Meta-Index for Legal Research (GSU)
Illustrates the use of searchable legal indexes on the World Wide Web. Only specifically legal indexes in the U.S. are included.
U. S. Supreme Court Opinions via FindLaw (Comprehensive 1937-Present)
FindLaw, Inc., offers a searchable database of Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1893 (US Reports 150-, 1893-). This free service from FindLaw allows research by year, U. S. Reports volume number and citation, case title, and full text. FindLaw's Supreme Court database represents the best option for Internet researchers due to its comprehensiveness, powerful search options, and unlike the Infosynthesis database, the opinions are displayed and loaded in their entirety, which makes it much easier to print or to save the full text quickly.

Law-Related Meta-Indices

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Recommended General Indices

Ask Jeeves
Internet Sleuth
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