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Legal Study Abroad Headquarters
For a student wishing to study for a semester or year abroad, there are no formal programs open to all law students. Most programs are only open to the student of the sponsor university. If you wish to study on a program not available through your law school, you will probably have to create you own program. This task need not be too formbidable. However, there are ABA rules that need to be met, and cooperation must be obtained from both your home and abroad institutions. The continuing steps are laid out below:

Get Program Infromation from the Law School in Which You Wish to Study: Search the world law school index from Hieros Gamos for the law schools that you might be interested in attending. Contact those institutions to request a program brochure for foreign exchange or L.L.M. students.

  • Africa: Includes the entire continent of Africa and the Middle East
  • Asia: Includes East Asia, Southeast Asia, and India
  • Europe: Includes all of Western Europe, Russia, the former members states of the former Soviet Union, and the other Eastern European Countries
  • North America: Includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • Latin America: Includes Mexico,Central America, and all of the continent of South America

Verify that You Can Meet ABA Requirements: The American Bar Association has a detailed set of rules to be used for a student seeking approval to enroll in a foreign institution.

Read through ABA Criteria for the Transfer of Study Abroad Credit.

Apply to the foreign institution and fill out the ABA pre-visit notification forms: The American Bar Association has a form to be filled out and turned in 45 days in advance of enrollment in the foreign institution. The form takes cooperation from both the foreign and home law schools to complete; so start early. Once these lasts steps are complete, you are done with the application process! All that is left is travel and lodging. Good Luck.

Print out the ABA Pre-visit Notification Form.

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