About the ILRG Search: One of the most distinguishing features of the ILRG is its highly efficient, custom programmed search engine. When searching, the ILRG will return the URLs from its database of 4000+ web sites that match your key words, and not simply just a list of pages local to the ILRG, somewhere on which your search terms obscurely exist. Of course, titles of pages local to the ILRG will be returned, too, but they are supplemented with the URLs contained within each page that match your query parameters.

ILRG's Intelligent Search saves you the time of having to go to each ILRG page and read every single word on it, just to find one link. With the unique ILRG search engine, finding the information you need is not unnecessarily complicated.

Note: (1) Boolean operators "and, or, near, not" should not be typed into the "Locate" box as part of your search terms. Instead, use the "Exclude" field. (2) You may toggle between your search results' containing any or all of the search terms you specify by selecting "AND" or "OR", which achieves the same results as the Boolean terms. For a more discriminating search when using multiple keywords, we recommend that you select "AND" below. (3) When using multiple keywords, separate the terms with spaces, not commas.

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