Updated July 2019: The peer review process is essential to the evolution and reform of the laws that are the cornerstone of society. Law faculties and graduate students at universities throughout the United States are the driving forces behind much of this process. Law journals often feature the work of noted academics, legal practitioners, legislators, judges, and others. The following list of law journals and publications are centric on U.S. law. State and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, may rely on and cite to some of these publications when deciding cases and forming legal opinions. This list is actively maintained, and we welcome suggested updates and additions.
Citation Illustrations:

Robert W. Hillman, Law Firms and Their Partners Revisited, 96 Tex. L. Rev. 787 (2019).
Robin Bradley Kar & Margaret Jane Radin, Pseudo-Contract and Shared Meaning Analysis, 132 Harv. L. Rev. 2111, 2132 (2019).
Allan R. Stein, Erie and Court Access, 100 Yale L.J. 1935 (1991).

Akron Law Review
American Law and Economics Review
Baylor Law Review
Berkeley, Asian American Law Journal
Berkeley, California Law Review
Berkeley, Ecology Law Quarterly
Berkeley Business Law Journal
Berkeley Journal of African American Law & Policy
Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law
Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law
Berkeley Journal of Entertainment & Sports Law
Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice
Berkeley Journal of International Law
Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern & Islamic Law
Berkeley La Raza Journal
Boston University American Journal of Law & Medicine
Boston University International Law Journal
Boston University Journal of Science & Technology Law
Boston University Law Review
Boston University Public Interest Law Journal
Boston University Review of Banking & Financial Law
Buffalo Law Review
California Law Review
Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal
Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin
Cardozo Law Review
Case Western Reserve Law Review
Chicago-Kent Law Review
Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
Connecticut Journal of International Law
Connecticut Law Review
Cornell International Law Journal
Cornell Journal of Empirical Legal Studies
Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy
Cornell Law Review
Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
Duke Alaska Law Review
Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law
Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy
Duke Law and Contemporary Problems
Duke Law and Technology Review
Duke Law Journal
Duke, Alaska Law Review
Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal
Emory International Law Review
Emory Law Journal
Entertainment and Sports Lawyer (ABA)
Florida State University Law Review
Fordham Environmental Law Review
Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal
Fordham International Law Journal
Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law
Fordham Law Review
Fordham Urban Law Journal
Georgetown American Criminal Law Review
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law
Georgetown Journal of International Law
Georgetown Journal of Law & Modern Critical Race Perspectives
Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy
Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics
Georgetown Journal of National Security Law & Policy
Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy
Georgetown Law Journal
Georgetown Law Technology Review
Gonzaga Law Review
Harvard BlackLetter Law Journal
Harvard Business Law Review
Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review
Harvard Environmental Law Review
Harvard Human Rights Journal
Harvard International Law Journal
Harvard Journal of Law & Gender
Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law
Harvard Journal of the Legal Left, Unbound
Harvard Journal on Legislation
Harvard Latino Law Review
Harvard Law & Policy Review
Harvard National Security Journal
Harvard Negotiation Law Review
Hastings Business Law Journal
Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (Comm/Ent)
Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly
Hastings Environmental Law Journal
Hastings International and Comparative Law Review
Hastings Law Journal
Hastings Race and Poverty Law Journal
Hastings Science and Technology Law Journal
Hastings Women's Law Journal
Houston Journal of International Law
Houston Law Review
Indiana Federal Communications Law Journal
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy
Michigan Journal of Gender & Law
Michigan Journal of International Law
Michigan Journal of Law Reform
Michigan Journal of Race & Law
Michigan Law Review
Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review
Mitchell Hamline Law Journal of Public Policy and Practice
Mitchell Hamline Law Review
Mitchell Hamline; Cybaris, an Intellectual Property Law Review
Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law
National Law Journal
New York Law Journal
New York University Environmental Law Journal
New York University Journal of International Law & Politics
New York University Law Review
New York University Review of Law and Social Change
North Carolina National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law
Pittsburgh Journal of Law and Commerce
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Santa Clara Law Review
Stanford Journal of International Law
Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance
Stanford Law and Policy Review
Stanford Technology Law Review
Texas Environmental Law Journal
Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy
Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal
Texas International Law Journal
Texas Journal of Business Law
Texas Journal of Oil, Gas, and Energy Law
Texas Journal on Civil Liberties & Civil Rights
Texas Law Review
Texas Review of Entertainment & Sports Law
Texas Review of Law & Politics
Texas, American Journal of Criminal Law
Texas, The Review of Litigation
Touro Environmental Law Journal
Touro International Law Review
Touro Law Review
University of Baltimore Law Forum
University of Baltimore Law Review
University of California, Los Angeles; UCLA Law Review
University of California at Davis Law Review
University of Chicago Journal of International Law
University of Chicago Journal of Legal Studies
University of Chicago Law and Economics
University of Chicago Law Review
University of Chicago Legal Forum
University of Chicago: The Supreme Court Review
University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy
University of Kansas Law Review
University of Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
University of Tennessee Language in the Judicial Process
University of Warwick Journal of Information, Law and Technology
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law
Villanova Environmental Law Journal
Villanova Law Review
Villanova Sports and Entertainment Law Journal
Washington and Lee Law Review
Washington Law Review
West Virginia Journal of Law and Technology
Willamette Law Review
William & Mary Law Review
William & Mary Law Review Online
Wyoming Law Review
Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal
Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics
Yale Journal of International Law
Yale Journal of Law & Feminism
Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities
Yale Journal of Law and Technology
Yale Journal on Regulation
Yale Law & Policy Review
Yale Law Journal

Journal Citation

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The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation via Columbia Law Review, Harvard Law Review, U. of Penn. Law Review,  and Yale Law Journal
Chicago Manual of Style Online via University of Chicago
The Supreme Court's Style Guide

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