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The following matrix provides a breakdown of salaries of legal professionals working in the United States.  The data reflect the low to high range of the national averages. Differences in salaries as they vary among legal markets may be determined by multiplying the salary by the percentage indicated in the Regional Variances chart at the bottom of this page.  We are hopeful you find this information useful.

 20152016% Change
Senior Attorney (10+ years' exp.) 
Large law firm$185,250-$270,250$194,250-$279,5004.0%
Midsize law firm$153,250-$258,750$162,750-$268,5004.7%
Small/midsize law firm$134,000-$184,500$139,500-$193,7504.6%
Small law firm$101,000-$166,250$108,250-$169,7504.0%
Licensed Attorney (4-9 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$157,000-$219,000$162,250-$228,7504.0%
Midsize law firm$130,750-$195,500$135,000-$205,5004.4%
Small/midsize law firm$94,000-$172,000$102,750-$175,7504.7%
Small law firm$74,250-$136,250$81,000-$138,5004.3%
Licensed Attorney (1-3 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$119,000-$156,500$120,750-$162,2502.7%
Midsize law firm$89,250-$126,500$94,000-$128,7503.2%
Small/midsize law firm$68,500-$107,000$71,500-$109,0002.8%
Small law firm$58,500-$92,750$61,750-$93,5002.6%
First Year Associate 
Large law firm$113,750-$139,000$116,000-$143,5002.7%
Midsize law firm$79,750-$109,500$81,250-$112,7502.5%
Small/midsize law firm$62,500-$88,250$63,750-$90,2502.2%
Small law firm$54,250-$77,500$55,250-$79,5002.3%
 20152016% Change
Senior/Supervising Paralegal/Legal Asst. (7+ years' exp.) 
Large law firm$66,750-$95,500$70,250-$96,7502.9%
Midsize law firm$64,500-$81,250$67,500-$83,2503.4%
Small/midsize law firm$58,250-$71,750$61,750-$73,5004.0%
Small law firm$49,250-$66,250$51,500-$68,2503.7%
Midlevel Paralegal/Legal Asst. (4-6 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$59,500-$72,750$61,750-$74,7503.2%
Midsize law firm$55,750-$73,000$58,500-$73,7502.7%
Small/midsize law firm$51,250-$64,250$54,500-$65,0003.5%
Small law firm$43,500-$58,500$44,750-$60,2502.9%
Junior Paralegal/Legal Asst. (2-3 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$43,750-$57,000$44,250-$59,5003.0%
Midsize law firm$42,500-$56,750$43,750-$57,5002.0%
Small/midsize law firm$39,000-$50,250$40,250-$52,2503.6%
Small law firm$36,250-$43,750$37,750-$44,5002.8%
Case Clerk/Assistant (0-2 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$34,000-$44,250$35,250-$45,0002.6%
Midsize law firm$33,250-$42,750$33,750-$43,7502.0%
Small/midsize law firm$31,000-$38,500$31,500-$40,0002.9%
Small law firm$29,500-$34,250$29,750-$35,2502.0%
Legal Management
 20152016% Change
Administrator/Office Manager 
Large law firm$88,500-$148,250$91,500-$151,002.4%
Midsize law firm$74,250-$108,750$77,250-$110,2502.5%
Small/midsize law firm$63,000-$89,500$64,750-$92,5003.1%
Small law firm$50,500-$70,250$52,250-$71,7502.7%
Legal Secretary
 20152016% Change
Senior/Executive Legal Secretary (12+ years' exp.) 
Large law firm$59,250-$73,000$61,500-$73,5002.1%
Midsize law firm$57,000-$69,500$58,250-$71,5002.6%
Small/midsize law firm$50,750-$64,750$52,500-$65,7502.4%
Small law firm$46,750-$60,000$48,250-$61,2502.6%
Midlevel Legal Secretary (7-11 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$56,000-$67,750$57,250-$69,7502.6%
Midsize law firm$53,250-$63,750$55,500-$65,0003.0%
Small/midsize law firm$47,000-$60,250$48,500-$61,0002.6%
Small law firm$44,500-$56,000$45,000-$57,7502.2%
Legal Secretary (3-6 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$47,750-$61,750$50,250-$62,0002.5%
Midsize law firm$46,000-$57,500$47,500-$59,5003.4%
Small/midsize law firm$43,500-$54,000$44,250-$55,2502.1%
Small law firm$38,750-$48,250$39,500-$49,5002.3%
Junior Legal Secretary (1-2 years' exp.) 
Large law firm$38,000-$47,750$39,000-$48,5002.0%
Midsize law firm$37,250-$46,000$37,750-$46,7501.5%
Small/midsize law firm$34,500-$41,750$35,500-$42,0001.6%
Small law firm$31,500-$39,500$32,250-$40,2502.1%
Legal Specialist
 20152016% Change
Legal Specialist 
Lease Administrator$55,000-$77,500$59,000-$80,5005.3%
Docket/Calendar Clerk$34,250-$51,750$35,500-$52,2502.0%
File/Records Clerk$29,000-$39,250$29,750-$40,0002.2%
Contract Administrator 
Contract Administrator (4+ years' exp.)$68,750-$109,000$71,750-$115,0005.1%
Contract Administrator (1-3 years' exp.)$52,500-$70,250$53,750-$74,5004.5%
General Administrative
 20152016% Change
General Administrative 
Legal Word Processor$42,750-$57,250$43,500-$58,5002.0%
Office Clerk$28,000-$39,000$28,750-$40,0002.6%
Legal Receptionist$29,250-$39,250$29,750-$40,2502.2%
The salary ranges indicated above reflect the national averages for legal professionals within the United States. To determine the salary range for a given locality, multiply the salary by the locality percentage listed below. Please note that the locality index percentages listed below are based upon salary data from all industries (i.e. the percentages listed below are not specific to the legal industry); therefore, actual market values for legal professionals' salaries in a given locality may vary based upon market conditions.
Regional Variances (Listed in %) 
New England
States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Boston, MA133.0
Hartford, CT116.0
Manchester, NH112.0
Newhaven, CT112.0
Portland, ME95.0
Providence, RI97.0
Springfield, MA104.0
Stamford, CT/White Plains, NY131.0
Middle Atlantic
States: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania
Albany, NY97.0
Buffalo, NY95.0
Harrisburg, PA95.0
Long Island, NY120.0
Mount Laurel, NJ115.0
New York, NY140.0
Paramus, NJ130.0
Philadelphia, PA115.0
Pittsburgh, PA98.0
Rochester, NY91.7
Syracuse, NY90.3
Woodbridge, NJ126.5
South Atlantic
States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
Atlanta, GA106.5
Baltimore, MD103.0
Charleston, SC93.5
Charlotte, NC101.5
Columbia, SC93.5
Fort Myers, FL90.0
Greensboro, NC100.0
Greenville, SC92.0
Jacksonville, FL95.0
Macon, GA84.0
Melbourne, FL90.5
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL107.0
Orlando, FL99.5
Raleigh, NC104.0
Richmond, VA98.0
Savannah, GA84.0
St. Petersburg, FL96.5
Tampa, FL98.0
Tysons Corner, VA132.0
Washington, DC133.0
Wilmington, DE105.0
East North Central
States: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin
Akron, OH89.0
Ann Arbor, MI101.5
Appleton, WI85.0
Canton, OH82.0
Chicago, IL123.0
Cincinnati, OH97.5
Cleveland, OH96.0
Columbus, OH97.5
Dayton, OH97.5
Detroit, MI100.0
Grand Rapids, MI85.5
Green Bay, WI86.5
Lansing, MI85.0
Madison, WI98.5
Milwaukee, WI101.0
Naperville, IL112.0
Rockford, IL83.0
Springfield, IL91.0
Toledo, OH84.5
Waukesha, WI99.0
Youngstown, OH76.0
West North Central
States: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota
Bloomington, MN105.5
Cedar Falls/Waterloo, IA87.0
Cedar Rapids, IA94.0
Davenport, IA95.0
Des Moines, IA100.0
Duluth, MN79.6
Kansas City, MO99.2
Lincoln, NE86.0
Minneapolis, MN106.0
Omaha, NE96.0
Rochester, MN100.5
Sioux City, IA83.0
St. Cloud, MN82.0
St. Joseph, MO91.0
St. Louis, MO100.0
St. Paul, MN102.0
East South Central
States: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee
Birmingham, AL95.0
Chatanooga, TN89.0
Knoxville, TN89.0
Lexington, KY91.5
Louisville, KY92.0
Memphis, TN95.0
Mobile, AL86.0
Nashville, TN99.5
West South Central
States: Arkansas, Louisana, Oklahoma, Texas
Austin, TX107.0
Dallas, TX108.5
El Paso, TX72.0
Fayetteville, AR95.5
Fort Worth, TX107.5
Houston, TX107.5
Little Rock, AR95.0
Midland/Odessa, TX115.0
New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA99.0
Oklahoma City, OK93.0
San Antonio, TX100.0
Tulsa, OK93.0
States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming
Albuquerque, NM81.5
Boise, ID86.1
Boulder, CO116.3
Colorado Springs, CO92.3
Denver, CO104.8
Fort Collins, CO95.0
Greeley, CO86.0
Las Vegas, NV97.0
Loveland, CO92.0
Phoenix, AZ112.0
Pueblo, CO80.0
Reno, NV98.0
Salt Lake City, UT101.0
Tucson, AZ103.0
States: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington
Fresno, CA90.0
Honolulu, HI105.0
Irvine, CA128.0
Los Angeles, CA128.0
Oakland, CA127.0
Ontario, CA117.0
Portland, OR106.5
Sacramento, CA102.0
San Diego, CA123.0
San Francisco, CA138.0
San Jose, CA135.0
Santa Barbara, CA127.0
Santa Rosa, CA118.0
Seattle, WA118.9
Spokane, WA82.0
Stockton, CA85.0
Law Firm Definitions# of Attorneys
Large law firm75+
Midsize law firm35-75
Small/midsize law firm10-35
Small law firmUp to 10 Attorneys
Salary and economic data presented on this page come from compensation consultants, industry organizations, and trade publications, as well as from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics

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