Now in our 29th year of operation, we at PublicLegal (ILRG) consider ourselves fortunate to have received such a significant outpour of appreciative comments from our visitors. Although we've been recognized by leading attorney trade organizations, law libraries, courts, state and city governments, and even a U.S. federal department, the comments we receive from individuals are the ones that mean the most to us. We pioneered the business model of free legal documents online -- the first vendor to show the full text of our documents. The ability to preview and scrutinize our documents in their entirety has brought and continues to bring transparency and accountability to the industry. We are the only legal forms vendor that has a bounty reward program, open to the public, no purchase necessary, rewarding anyone who can demonstrate a legal defect or compliance issue with one of our forms.

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In my 22 years of legal practice and many hours of research on the Internet, I have never seen such an incredibly comprehensive collection of easy-to-access and easy-to-understand legal forms. You are to be congratulated for making the law available to the general public -- as well as to those of us attorneys practicing in other areas of law!

 As a CPA, I wish this site existed 43 years ago when I began my accounting practice. My clients and I would have made good use of this site. What a joy to have competent individuals providing forms and documents that are usable by the general public. On behalf of your many users, a heart-felt thank you.

I work in an estate planning legal office. Your forms are right on the mark with what we draft everyday for our clients and don't cost $500.00! Great website!

I am a military attorney deployed to Iraq. The conditions here are so harsh, my legal forms CDs have failed. I have used your web site many times in helping soldiers from various states with their legal issues. Thanks for helping in the War Against Terror.

Your site contains the best forms available. As an attorney that practices for many clients, your site is great.

One of the greatest sites I have ever come across. Keep the good work going.

Worth 10 times what you charged! Saved me hours and hours and hours of work, and gave me the peace of mind that it was done right! Great stuff.

I'm a paralegal and a notary, and this is the best website for research on legal forms that I have ever encountered. I told every other person I know in the legal field and even those who just need a document about this great website.

[Your team] was very helpful and patient in providing me with the correct forms I needed and with the technical aspects of printing and completing them. I feel like I found the right website for such important matters! Thank you!

Thank you, I appreciate your prompt follow-up and am overwhelmed by your gracious response. I will definitely look into other forms on your site and be sure to spread the word about what your site offers. By the way, the rental walk-through went great [using your form], and the landlord was actually surprised by the detailed list. Having the list contributed to our success in getting the landlord to agree to resolve a number of repairs prior to my client's move-in. Take care.

Some websites are just advertisers. You really do provide a community service. Thank you. I'm very impressed with the website, the forms, and most importantly, the integrity demonstrated.

I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon your website. Not only is your website user friendly, but also the information is accurate and concise. It is the best site for forms and form information I've ever seen.

This site is so user friendly and so incredibly informative! You have saved me so much in legal fees to get our personal affairs in order, I can't thank you enough! Keep up the superior work!

This is one of the most helpful sites I have ever come across. Thanks so much for having the exact forms I needed.

I have regular need for legal documents and will be in touch further for more purchases. Your customer service has been excellent.

Fantastic site for estate planning documents. Thanks so much for making all these forms available.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the forms you have on your site. I have used them as a guide for several business forms I have needed. Great job. Thanks again!

Shipping out with the next wave to Baghdad, I had a lot of legal bases to cover in hurry, and your site took care of them all!

You provide an invaluable service to small business owners trying to keep their costs down to compete. I can't believe 'they' haven't found a way to shut you down! Thanks again.

I love this site being a soon to be divorced parent of two. It was hard to find legal help and pay for any forms needed, but with the help of this site I was able to afford my divorce and it gave me all the insight I needed. Thanks.

I want to tell you that I am grateful for this site. You have saved me $3,000 dollars, and my soon to be ex-husband is happy to only have to pay $75 [in divorce court filing fees] for his half. Thanks again.

I found what I needed. Thank you for the resource.

I cannot thank you enough. My mother and brother are disabled, an I have been responsible for their care and financial needs. I do not make that much money. My mom is needing a will, living will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney. Thank God you're here. I did not know where to start. Thank you again.

Thank you for putting this kind of information on the internet FREE for folks who need legal protection but can't afford counsel.

The best resource of free legal forms, easy navigate and found exactly what is needed.

Just like the other responders, I found exactly what I was looking for in a matter of minutes. Thank you!

Thank you for providing such a rich resource of forms and helpful articles free--an invaluable service!

This site is fantastic. I wish I had found it earlier. It would have saved me money. It has the exact real estate form that I was looking for. Thank you ve much for your public service to the consumers.

I'm excited that I found this site. The team you have created to produce so many documents needs to be rewarded for their efforts. It's amazing how much information I have attained from your site and how much money I have saved. I'll be back again! Thanks!

I looked all over the web for a simple rental agreement. You had exactly what I needed!

Thank you very much. This is a great site and has served to help us in many ways!

Very well done. I am an attorney, and your site cuts my research time way down!

I have to say that after searching for the same service you are offering, I was almost disgusted to find that in almost all cases the service was only available at a high price. That was until I happened on your site. You should be commended, and you have my continued support.

This is a great site. Very easy to use. Great information and documents.

Thank you so much. Your website is full of information and very easy to navigate.

This is an excellent resource. It took me a while to locate a resource such as this, but if anyone needs it in the future, I will certainly refer them to your site. Thank you.

What a terrific site. Unbelievable! I searched several hours for legal forms, and without a doubt, this is the greatest site in the world! You people are awesome!

This is a dream come true for me. I've done several do-it-yourself divorces for several people. This gives me so much more information and will be an invaluable resource for me. It's nice to get something that you can really use on the internet that doesn't cost an arm a leg. BRAVO!

I absolutely love your site. It had everything I needed, and even more documents that I may need in the future. Perfect!

Talk is cheap... until you hire an attorney.... Thank you ILRG for having such an informative site!

Wonderful site. Simple, easy to use. Shows the power of the internet. Well done.

I could not believe how easy it was to order the forms I needed. As soon as I purchased the forms they emailed to me immediately. Thank you, you were truly a life and time saver.

I'm a paralegal in Michigan, and my 81 year old mother in Illinois is concerned about having a Will and putting her house into joint ownership. She has no funds for a lawyer, so I was pleased to find this site and help her accomplish these tasks legally. And I really like the instructions included.

I am impressed. We are U.S. citizens living in China and needed to get this done. I have just finished my will, and I am about to help my husband with his will. We are in the process of making a trip back to the U.S. and will have this all ready to be signed and notarized in Virginia along with the self-proving affidavit. Thank you for making this so easy, providing not only the forms but also the suggestions. I don't think it could be easier.

Wow! I can't tell you how impressed I was with your forms and how complete they were. They even had the lead paint disclosure! I was just ripped off for a document that was so unprofessional that I hesitated to try online again, but I did... and I am so glad. I will definitely keep you as one of my 'favorites'.

This is the best site I have found. Thank you for having a site that allows a simple person to download forms that are needed in today's world.

Excellent does not begin to describe your site. Very useful in a quick and easy to use format. Thank you!

My law professor is using your site as an aid in his class. Everything is great, and I had no idea that a site like ILRG even existed. I am glad to see that it does, and I hope that you have good fortune and a good day (at least). I appreciate your presence on the Internet. Thanks.

I've sent a link to your site to everyone I know... Thank you so much for providing such useful forms and information! I just can't believe it. I've been looking for something like this for years. Honestly, for those of us who can't afford an attorney every step of the way, you've provided an invaluable resource. Thanks again.

Super fantastic resource! I found everything I needed for my company. Thank you!

You are an absolutely awesome site. You care about the consumer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was pleased with the documents I purchased, and I was delighted with the assistance I received from [your customer service staff]. They were supportive, knowledgeable, and generous with their time. Thank you so much!

Just wanted to say, thank you for providing these documents to the public. You are a very kind and compassionate group of people. May you all be blessed.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! You saved me money and time, and I will certainly come back for more. ILRG is permanently on my ‘favorites’ list!

Thank you for being here. You are very helpful.

This site is just perfect for almost anyone. As a Realtor, I have referred to it many times!

I am a computer dummy, and even I found what I needed in only minutes. Very user friendly.

What a great site! Found just what I was looking for in a matter of seconds!

Thank you. Excellent site. Extremely helpful.

This website is very knowledgeable to my needs of getting a divorce.

It's nice to know that there is a site that takes the common man's everyday legal problems into account. Many thanks.

Thanks for providing such a valuable resource to the public. Your site provides a great array of extremely useful information. It is much appreciated.

Excellent forms. Nice and complete. Came here for legal separation forms.

Fast, easy, and a wonderful service!

Thank you for making this type of information available to the public. We can not afford to hire a lawyer, so having access to these documents allows us to plan for the future without making the attorney's next 6 to 10 Mercedes payments.

Hooray! What a fantastic website you've created. It's useful for lawyers and lay people alike! Very nice job, and thanks!

Thank you, this site is a life saver!

Your site is awesome. We are a new small minority owned business and have limited finances. We have used a number of forms from your site and I have passed the link on to other business owners. Thank you!

Thank you! I can't afford attorneys for everything.

Hit the nail on the Head! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a million!

Thanks you so much for access to these forms!

This was right on time, saved me hundreds of dollars.

Thank you so much for having these free forms available. My husband and I were trying to get started with our estate planning and living will, and these form have made my job much easier.

You provide a valuable service for consumers as well as small businesses who cannot afford attorney or a CPA. I will certainly refer to your site again in the future. Thank you very, very much.

I have been searching site after site, looking for one form, and your site had it. I was beginning to tire of the search. I thank you so much.

Thank you, I was able to download your form quickly and easily. I take care of an elderly relative who is undergoing a medical procedure so I needed the form fast.

Whoever you are, many thanks for caring about those of us who need to save money and do some basic legal work on our own. Your efforts help people empower themselves!

The forms are easy to understand and are very helpful. Thank you!

Your website is very user friendly. Thank you!

Thank you for providing a great resource for the little guy. This site will save me a bunch of legal fees.

Thank you so much for making this information available to those of us who may not be able to hire an attorney at this time.

These forms have helped me tremendously, and I just wanted to thank you for publishing them. During my mother's illness several of these forms were needed and had just happened to already have them ready. Thank you again for making these forms available. I am extremely grateful.

I thought I would find a document highly in need of editing, but instead I barely had to add five lines of text to it. Thank you!

It's what people need without being charged with hundreds of dollars by lawyers. Keep the good work!

I am 76 years old and am delighted that I found the form I needed without having to go to an attorney. Thank you so much!

An excellent source of information.

Your site is great. I can always find what I need. Very easy to understand.

I've been putting this off forever. If I had known such a user-friendly resource was available, I would've done it months ago!

This site is the best around! The site contained all the forms that I need or will ever need.

Thank you for your professional form. You offered the most complete and professional forms of the ones we looked at. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, again for your affordable legal assistance.

I found some extremely usable templates on this site. Excellent resource. Can't thank you enough.

These documents are better than any others I've used in the past. I wish I had discovered ILRG sooner. Thanks!

Thanks, great site! I will recommend it to my friends.

Wow! Great resource, found the forms I needed. Thanks.

This definitely is a site that a person cannot do without. Keep up the good job.

You're awesome! As an entrepreneur just starting a business venture, we didn't have a clue where to start. With your forms, we were able to learn what was needed and get our business off with an excellent start. Thank you!

This site is a blessing, especially to new landlords like me. Every form I could ever need has been made available. Thank you so much!

ILRG ranks in my short list of 'Best Sites' for everyone's needs. It is informative and user friendly. Thank you for your efforts in this site.

I love this site. It has been a great help in my do-it-yourself divorce and a great resource. Thank you so much.

I was thrilled to stumble upon your website. I spent four hours one day trying to find forms from other websites. With three kids under the age of four, you can imagine how frustrating it is to spend that kind of time on the computer. I got the information I needed from your site in less than 20 minutes and it was much more directly applied to what I was looking for. What a relief! From my children and myself, thank you so much.

I don't need to look anywhere else. This site has it all! Thanks for making it so easy!

Great work. You are making the law more accessible -- and, after all, the law belongs to the people!

When I happened across your wonderful, no nonsense site that allows me to receive this blank will form in Word format by email, I was very pleased. I love the fact that I can complete the form privately on my own computer. Best will forms available online or anywhere else. Thanks!

Outstanding job. Everything is in its place, and the money saved has been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making this available.

Wonderful! Thank you for caring enough to help the public by providing these forms! I have bookmarked this site and will share this site with all!

The best site out there. Who needs a lawyer now? No one! Thank you ILRG!

This web site is fantastic. It exceeded my expectations. I was looking for appropriate forms to do the work myself. You not only provided the forms but additional valuable information about preparing that document as well as others that are important. You are providing a great public service. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the help. I placed your web site on my favorites list as soon as I could. This is what the internet should be all about.

Thanks for your site and helping the little guy!

I wish I would have found your site first. It would have saved me at least 2 hours of frustration. Thank you!

You people are so great. Thanks a lot for the work you are doing.

Wow! The best resource for legal forms anywhere! Thank you for being there for small business. We couldn't exist without you.

Thanks for your site. As a novice real estate investor, I find it invaluable.

Your resources here are the best so far and totally handle what anyone needs for any legal activity on paper. You guys are really good. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your easy, inexpensive solution to this process! I will highly recommend your website to my associates and will return myself!

You're to be commended for providing this site for the common man! You rock!

You guys are great. My mother-in-law was about to go into surgery when she was asked, because of the seriousness of the surgery, whether she had a durable power of attorney. Within 15 minutes, she did.

Thanks so much for sending these documents with the modifications that we discussed yesterday. I realize that I probably hadn't specified the format (Word) in which I needed the doc, so extra thanks for sending both the Word and the Adobe Acrobat versions. And, even more extra thanks for answering my question of whether the agent's signature on the notarized document also needs to be notarized in Florida. Obviously, the fact that no notarization is needed will simplify things during my Christmas visit to family in Florida! I very much appreciate your thorough and patient responses to my numerous questions. If and when I need any further legal documents, I would certainly contact PublicLegal again.

I received the order Saturday from the court, and my name has been changed. I want to thank you for all your help and having this website, which is very helpful to people like myself who do not have the money to have an attorney do these sort of things.

Thank you for your prompt and thoroughly explained clarification and reply to my inquiry. I sent a copy to my attorney, who stated this was an excellent way to avoid his costs for a reasonable agreement that we could do ourselves.... This was the best thing I've ever invested in from the Internet! It was a timesaver, as well as a way for me to avoid having to pay expensive legal fees for my attorney to draw up a general form that I could do myself. Thank you from an ILRG fan.

[Your support representative] is dedicated to his job. He is sincere, compassionate, and extremely thorough. Patient, considerate, accommodating, and a very good listener. He is my #1 customer support rep.