Last Updated: August 15, 2019. This page features the most current, freely accessible repositories of U.S. state and federal law. Direct access to the administrative code, the constitution, legislation, and statutes is available for each state. This page is one of the most frequently used internally by PublicLegal to research current U.S. laws. While several databases of states' laws exist, some of which are maintained commercially and others by the state governments, we have made an editorial decision to link to the official, state-sanctioned repository. If multiple state-sanctioned repositories exist, we link to the one that we found most user-friendly in terms of organization and searchability. LexisNexis hosts official repositories for ten jurisdictions (AR, CO, DC, GA, MD, MS, PR, TN, VI and WY), while Thomson Reuters Westlaw hosts one (PA). We also link directly to each title of the U.S. code. This list is actively maintained, and we welcome suggested updates and additions.

Statutory Law

State Legal Resources

United States Code: Comprehensive Collection

Ethical Codes and Model Rules

Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure