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PublicLegal 2020 Raw Data Law School Rankings Feature
Law School Profiles (A-Z)
Rankings by Median Salary
Rankings by Tuition, Room & Board Expenses
Thomas E. Brennan's Judging the Law Schools Feature
Above the Law's Top 50 Law School Rankings (2019)
Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings
Rankings by Faculty Quality and Scholarly Impact
Rankings by Job Placement
Rankings by Student Quality
Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties (2018) (Updating the Leiter Score Ranking for the Top Third)
Princeton Review: Best Law Schools (2019)
Robert Anderson's Ranking of Law Schools by Placement Quality ("JD Advantage") (2019) (The "Bottom 30")
U.S. News & World Report's Top Law Schools (2020)
Vault Top 20 Law Schools


Cost-Benefit Analysis of American Law Schools Feature
Top-Law-Schools.com Rankings Comparison (Ken DeLeon)


ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools
ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar (509 Required Disclosures, Employment Outcomes, Bar Passage Outcomes)

Around the World

Canada: Best Universities (2019) (Times Higher Education)
LLM Guide: Law School Rankings (Pritzwalks)
UK: Universities Ranked by Subject Area: Law (2019) (The Guardian)

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