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CourseTextbook / AuthorsSchoolProfessorSizeCoverage
Accounting for LawyersHerwitz and Barrett, 3rd Ed.USCLevy226kbFall 2002
Administrative LawJ. Mashaw, R. Merrill, & P. ShaneYaleMashaw324kbFall 2004
Administrative LawJ. Mashaw, R. Merrill, & P. ShaneYaleMashaw163kbFall 2004
Administrative LawStrauss, Rakoff, & Farina; 10th Ed.HarvardStephenson603kbFall 2006
AntitrustTrade Regulation, Handler 4th Ed.ChicagoPicker360kbWinter 2002
AntitrustPitofsky, Goldschmid, Wood, 5th Ed.ChicagoWood240kbAutumn 2003
AntitrustPitofsky, Goldschmid, Wood, 5th Ed.DukeRichman309kbFall 2005
Business AssociationsHamilton, 5th Ed.TexasCarson153kbSummer 1996
Business AssociationsHamilton, 5th Ed.TexasCarson129kbSummer 1996
Business AssociationsHamilton, 5th Ed.TexasHamilton118kbFall 1996
Business OrganizationsAllen, Kraakman, 1st Ed.YaleHansmann211kbFall 2005
Capital PunishmentSteiker SupplementTexasSteiker237kbSummer 2002
CopyrightCohen, 1st. Ed.GeorgetownCohen305kbFall 2005
CorporationsBusiness Associations, Klein 4thChicagoIsenbergh200kbWinter 2002
CorporationsBusiness Corporations, Allen, 1st Ed.NYUAllen272kbFall 2003
Civil ProcedureMarcus, Redish & Sherman, 2nd Ed.TexasSherman325kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
Civil ProcedureTigar Supplement, 1995-96 Ed.TexasTigar181kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
Civil ProcedureMarcus, Redish & Sherman, 2nd Ed.TexasHansen296kbFall 1996/Spring 1997
Civil ProcedureMarcus, Redish & Sherman, 3rd Ed.TexasSilver427kbFall 2002/Spring 2003
Civil Procedure IYeazell, 5th Ed.ChicagoBuss300kbAutumn 2002
Civil Procedure IIYeazell, 5th Ed.ChicagoBuss256kbSpring 2003
Civil ProcedureYeazell, 6th Ed.HarvardHay260kbFall 2004
Civil ProcedureYeazell, 6th Ed.GeorgetownKang356kbSpring 2005
Civil ProcedureIdes and MayDukeFisk196kbFall 2004
ProcedureFiss and ResnikYaleResnik480kbFall 2003
ProcedureFiss and ResnikYaleResnik88kbFall 2003
Constitutional LawVan Alstyne, 1st Amend., 2nd Ed.TexasRabban634kbSpring 1997
Constitutional LawGraglia Docs 1997TexasGraglia245kbSpring 1997
Constitutional LawLively, Haddon, Roberts, 2nd Ed.HowardJamal517kbSpring 2003
Constitutional LawStone, Seidman, Sunstein, TushnetYaleRubenfeld942kbFall 2003
Constitutional LawStone, Seidman, Sunstein, TushnetYaleRubenfeld194kbFall 2003
Constitutional LawBrest, Levinson, Balkin et al, 4th Ed.NorthwesternKoppleman204kbSpring 2003
Constitutional LawChemerinsky, 2001DukeSchroeder167kbFall 2004
Constitutional LawSullivan & Gunther, 14th Rev. Ed.DukePowell172kbFall 2004
ContractsHamilton, Rau & Weintraub, 2nd Ed.TexasHamilton257kbSpring 1996
ContractsHamilton, Rau & Weintraub, 2nd Ed.TexasHamilton188kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
ContractsHamilton, Rau & Weintraub, 2nd Ed.TexasHamilton73kbFall 1995
ContractsHamilton, Rau & Weintraub, 2nd Ed.HarvardWarren288kbFall 2005
ContractsDawson, Harvey, Henderson, 6th Ed.TexasGergen93kbSpring 1996
ContractsDawson, Harvey, Henderson, 6th Ed.TexasGergen98kbSpring 1996
ContractsDawson, Harvey, Henderson, 8th Ed.HarvardFerrell260kbFall 2004
ContractsMcCauley, Kidwell, et al, 1st Ed.TexasRussell208kbFall 1996/Spring 1997
ContractsFuller and Eisenberg, 7th Ed.USCMatheson221kbFall 2001
ContractsKnapp, 4th Ed.ColoradoPeppet125kbFall 2001
ContractsMurphy, Speidel and AyresYaleBrooks492kbFall 2003
ContractsMurphy, Speidel and AyresYaleBrooks88kbFall 2003
ContractsJames J. White Coursepack 2003MichiganWhite792kbFall 2003
ContractsBarnett, 3rd Ed.U. PennMadison646kbFall 2003
ContractsKnapp, Crystal, and Prince, 5th Ed.HarvardBrewer888kbFall 2004
ContractsKnapp, Crystal, and Prince, 5th Ed.DukeSalzman213kbSpring 2005
Criminal LawSharlot & Dix, 3rd Ed.TexasGoode110kbFall 1996
Criminal LawKadish and Schulhofer, 7th Ed.ChicagoSchulhofer435kbWinter 2001
Criminal LawLaFave, Modern Crim. Law, 3rd Ed.USCDripps355kbSpring 2002
Criminal LawBonnie Coughlin Jefferies Low, 97 Ed.MichiganForde-Mazrui272kbFall 2003
Criminal LawKadish, Schulhofer, 7th Ed.HarvardSteiker380kbFall 2004
Criminal LawKaplan, Weisberg & Binder, 3rd Ed.DukeBeale244kbFall 2004
Criminal ProcedureWhitebread and Slobogin, 4th Ed.ChicagoMeares215kbFall 2002
Criminal ProcedureKamisar LaFave Israel King, 10th Ed.ChicagoAlschuler144kbAutumn 2003
Environmental LawPercival, Schroeder, Miller, Leape, 4thHarvardStephenson511kbSpring 2006
EvidenceGreen, Nesson, & Murray, 2nd Ed.ToledoSteinbach164kbFall 2001
EvidenceMueller and Kirkpatrick, 4th Ed.USCCampbell432kbFall 2002
EvidenceMueller and Kirkpatrick, 5th Ed.GeorgetownTague153kbFall 2005
EvidenceWaltz and Park, 10th Ed.HarvardBrewer674kbFall 2005
EvidenceMueller and Kirkpatrick, 5th Ed.YaleKahan147kbSpring 2005
Family LawSwisher, Miller, & Singer, 2nd Ed.ToledoBerkowitz369kbSpring 2002
Federal CourtsFallon, Hart, Wechsler, et al, 5th Ed.YaleResnik197kbSpring 2005
Federal Criminal LawAbram, Beal, 3rd Ed.TexasSievert149kbFall 2002
Federal Income TaxKline, 10th Ed.TexasEvans85kbSummer 1995
Federal Income TaxFreeland, Lind, & Stephens, 10th Ed.S. ClaraGreen131kbFall 1998
Introductory Income TaxBasic FIT, Andrews, 5th  Ed.ChicagoIsenbergh122kbWinter 2001
Federal Income TaxBasic FIT, Westin, 1st Ed.ColoradoGazur172kbFall 2002
Federal Income TaxKline, 13th Ed.GeorgetownPearlman523kbFall 2005
Federal Income TaxKline, 13th Ed.YaleZolt219kbFall 2005
Health Care LawHall, Bobinski & Orentlicher, 6th Ed.HarvardMalani600kbFall 2006
Intellectual Property SurveyPatent Law, Francis, 4th Ed.HoustonHewitt83kbFall 1996
Intellectual Property and
Unfair Competition
Intellectual Property, Barrett 2ndChicagoLandes309kbFall 2002
Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property, Dreyfuss 2ndDukeBoyle316kbFall 2005
Int'l Bus. TransactionsFolsom, Gordon, 3rd Ed.HoustonMurphy168kbFall 1996
Int'l Litigation & ArbitrationWeintraub, 1994 Ed. & 1997 Supp.TexasWeintraub120kbSpring 1997
Int'l Litigation & ArbitrationWeintraub, 1994 Ed. & 1997 Supp.TexasWeintraub48kbSpring 1997
Legislative ProcessEskridge, Frickey, Garrett 3rd Ed.ChicagoGarrett269kbFall 2002
Network LawCyberspace & the Law, CavazosHoustonCavazos66kbFall 1996
Oil & GasOil & Gas, 3rd Ed., SmithTexasSmith252kbSummer 2002
Patent LawMerges and Duffy, 3rd Ed.ChicagoLichtman204kbWinter 2002
Professional ResponsibilitySutton & Dzienkowski, 1989 Ed.TexasDzienkowski136kbSummer II 1996
PropertyCribbet, Johnson, Findley, Smith, 6thTexasE. Smith252kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
PropertyCribbet, Johnson, Findley, Smith, 6thTexasE. Smith43kbFall 1995
PropertyCribbet, Johnson, Findley, Smith, 6thTexasE. Smith58kbSpring 1996
PropertyDukeminier & Krier, 3rd Ed.TexasChambliss149kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
PropertyHovenkamp and Kurtz, 3rd.TexasTorres353kbFall 2002
PropertyProperty, Dukeminier 4th Ed.ChicagoCurrie237kbWinter 2001
PropertyProperty, Dukeminier 4th Ed.ColoradoCollins125kbFall 2001
PropertyProperty, Dukeminier 5th Ed.GeorgetownCohen293kbSpring 2005
PropertyBurke, Burkhart, HelmholzChicagoHelmholz664kbWinter 2003
PropertyCasner Leach, 4th Ed.YaleH. Smith536kbSpring 2004
PropertyDonahue, Kauper, Martin, 3rd.HarvardDonahue817kbFall 2004
Real Estate Dev.Rider SupplementTexasRider272kbFall 2002
Secured CreditWhaley, 6th Ed.TexasWestbrook140kbFall 2004
Texas Civil Procedure TARatliff, 2nd Ed.TexasRatliff548kbFall 1996
TortsProsser, Wade/Schwartz, 9th Ed.TexasMcGarity167kbFall 1995/Spring 1996
TortsProsser, Wade/Schwartz, 9th Ed.TexasMcGarity75kbSpring 1996
TortsRobertson, 2nd Ed.TexasRatliff138kbFall 1995
TortsRobertson, 2nd Ed.TexasRobertson202kbFall 1996/Spring 1997
TortsTorts; Franklin, Rabin; 7th Ed.TexasWagner297kbFall 2002/Spring 2003
TortsTorts, Epstein 7th Ed.ChicagoLevmore227kbWinter 2001
TortsTorts, Epstein 7th Ed.YaleColeman60kbFall 2003
TortsTorts, Epstein 7th Ed.YaleColeman276kbFall 2003
TortsTorts; Franklin, Rabin; 7th Ed.GSUScott508kbFall 2003
TortsChristie, Meeks, Pryor, Sanders, 4thDukeChristie152kbSpring 2005
TortsHenderson, Pearson, Siliciano, 3rdHarvardKysar738kbSpring 2005
Wills, Trusts, & EstatesDukeminier & Johanson, 6th Ed.ChicagoDavis169kbFall 2002
Wills, Trusts, & EstatesDukeminier & Johanson, 6th Ed.TexasJohanson664kbFall 2002

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