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  • Please keep the title brief.
  • Please use the official business name for the title of a commercial site.
  • Please do not use ALL capital letters.
  • Please do not including marketing slogans or superlatives, e.g., "The Best Site on the Internet" or "We're Number One...."


  • Please write a brief, readable phrase or sentence--no longer than 25 words.
  • Please refrain from using marketing slogans such as, "We're Number One," or "The Best Site on the Internet!" 
  • Please do not use exclamation marks.
  • Please write your description entirely in the third person.
    • Examples of acceptable descriptions: "Provides a variety of legal information on issues relating to incorporation in the State of Delaware" or "A professional services corporation that assists in filing income tax returns for individuals and businesses in all 50 states in the USA."
    • Unacceptable descriptions include those written in the first person, those using overly hyped salesman's lingo, slang or colloquial verbage, etc.
  • Please do not repeat the site title in the description.
  • Please do not use ALL capital letters.
  • Please Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word.
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Although not required, we very much would appreciate your suggesting no more than two locations within the ILRG database where you believe your listing would be most appropriate. Thank you!

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