Index to Continuing Legal Education State Requirements

State# of HoursPeriodSpecial InclusionsDeadline

Alabama12calendar yearnoneJan. 31

Arizona15year3 hours of ethicsSept. 15

California363 years8 hours of legal ethics/law practice management: 4 of the 8 hours must be ethics, 1 of the hours may be civil rights; 1 hour substance abuse/emotional distress; 1 hour elimination of biasJan. 31

Colorado453 years7 hours legal ethicsany time within the 3-year period

Delaware302 years3 hours legal ethics; 2 to 6 hours of professionalismJuly 31

Florida303 years2 hours legal ethicsevery 3 years (month is assigned)

Georgia12year1 hr legal ethics; 1 hr professionalism; 3 hours trial (only if trial attorney)Jan. 31

Idaho303 years2 hours legal ethics and/or professional responsibilityevery 3rd year, depending on year of admission

Indiana363 years6 hr minimum per year; 3 hours of professional responsibility within the 3 yearsDec. 31

Iowa15year2 hours legal ethics every 2 yearsMar. 1

Kansas12yearincluding 2 hours legal ethicsMust file affadavit within 30 days after each program attended

Kentucky12.5year2 hours legal ethicsJune 30: completion of courses; Sept. 10 for reporting

Louisiana15year1 hr legal ethicsJan. 31

Minnesota453 yearsnoneAug. 30

Mississippi12year1 hr legal ethics/professional responsibilityJuly 31

Missouri15year3 hours ethics every 3 yearsJuly 31

Montana15year3 hours ethics every 3 yearsJuly 31

Nevada12year2 hours ethicsDec. 31

New Hampshire12year (July 1 - June 31)2 hours legal ethics/professional responsibilityAug. 1

New Mexico15year1 hr ethics or code of professional responsibilityDec. 31

New York32 or 242 yearsNewly admitted attorneys must take 32 MCLE credit hours within the first two years of admission to the Bar. Sixteen credit hours must be completed in each of the first two years of admission to the Bar as follows: (i) 3 credit hours of Ethics and Professionalism; (ii) 6 credit hours of Skills; and (iii) 7 credit hours of Practice Management and/or Areas of Professional Practice.

Experienced attorneys may also take accredited transitional and nontransitional MCLE courses or programs toward their program requirement of 24 credit hours during each biennial reporting cycle. Four credit hours must be in ethics and professionalism. The other credit hours may be taken in any combination of the following categories: ethics and professionalism, skills, practice management or areas of professional practice.
Dec. 31

North Carolina12year2 hours ethics every year; 3 hours ethics block course every three yearsLast day of Feb.

North Dakota453 years3 hours of ethicsJune 30

Ohio242 years2 yrs ehtics and substance abuseevery 2 years, on Jan. 31

Oklahoma12year1 hr ethicsFeb. 15

Pennsylvania12year1 hr ethics; 11 hours substantive law30 days after program attended

Rhode Island10year2 hours ethicsJuly 1-June 30 annually

South Carolina14year2 hours ethicsJan. 15

Tennessee15year3 hours ethicsMar. 1

Texas15year3 hours ethicslast day of birth month

Utah242 years3 hours professional responsibility and ethicsend of second year

Vermont202 years2 hours ethicsJuly 15

Virginia12year2 hours ethicsJune 30

Washington453 years2 hours ethicsJan. 31

West Virginia242 years3 hours ethics or office managementJune 30 every 2 years

Wisconsin302 years3 hours ethicsDecember 31 every other year

Wyoming15yearnoneJan. 30