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ABA-approved Law School

Student's Name

Foreign Institution


Dates of Study

Full-time faculty member at the parent school who has assumed responsibility for monitoring the student's course of study:

Full-time faculty member at the foreign institution who has assumed responsibility for supervising the student's course of study:

The number of semester or quarter hours of credit the student will earn toward the J. D. degree (the allowable maximum is 12 semester hours of credit):

1. Please state how the student's proposed course of study relates to the academic program and mission of the parent school:

2. Has the student completed one year of full or part-time study at the parent institution? Is the student in good standing?

3. Please provide the following information regarding proposed course work:



4. Has the student's selection of courses been approved by the parent school?

5. What method(s) will be employed in evaluating the student's performance?

6. Will the parent school review sufficient written work by the student to ensure that his or her study has met its educational objectives and those of the parent school?

7. Will the student's course of study involve an externship placement (e.g., in a law firm, government office, or corporation)?

8. What is the language of instruction at the foreign institution? Is the student fluent in the language of instruction?

9. Will the student's study be undertaken pursuant to a written agreement between the parent school and the foreign institution?

10. Is the foreign institution one that provides an academic program leading to a first degree in law?

11. Is the foreign institution (a) government sanctioned or recognized, if educational institutions are state regulated within the country, (b) recognized or approved by an evaluation body, if such an agency exists within the country, or (c) chartered to award degrees in law by the appropriate authority within the country?

12. During the student's period of study at the foreign institution, will other students from the parent school be engaged in study at the foreign institutions If the answer is yes, please provide the number.

13. What, if any, will be the fees charged by the parent school?

14. What charges will be levied by the foreign institution?

15. Please attach a copy of the statement of educational objectives developed by the student and the faculty member at the parent school who will monitor the student's study abroad.

16. Has the parent school received written assurance from the foreign institution that the student's educational objectives can be achieved at the institution?


I certify that the proposed course of study by (name of student) _________________________ at (name of institution) ________________________________________ complies with the Criteria for Law School Approval of Individual Student Study Abroad for Academic Credit.

Dean's Signature: _________________________ Date: _____________


I certify that I have received a copy of the Criteria For Approval of Individual Student Study Abroad for Academic Credit and understand the requirements of the Criteria.

Student's Signature: _________________________ Date: _____________