"Are these forms valid in my state?" At PublicLegal, we are committed to delivering top quality legal forms that are valid in all states. We place the highest priority on accuracy, relevance, and timeliness. We actively monitor legislative, administrative, and judicial activity at the state and national levels as it pertains to our documents and content. However, we recognize that states' laws change frequently. We will pay $50 to anyone who brings to our attention any form on our site that is not compliant with U.S. state law. Just complete the form below and describe the compliance issue, including the corrected language. Also, make sure to cite the form's name and your contact information. As soon as we can confirm the issue, we'll mail you a check! Please read the terms and conditions below before making a submission.
  1. Material Issue. The correction must involve a material non-compliance issue that could invalidate the form and substantially impede its effectiveness.

  2. Non-Material Improvements. A proposed correction that fails to meet the "Material Issue" standard, but that nonetheless would improve the form may receive an award of an amount solely at the discretion of PublicLegal, if adopted.

  3. Documentation. Sufficient documentation must substantiate your proposed correction. You must clearly identify the full name of the form and the specific text at issue, cite the relevant or applicable statute or other governing law, and provide an accurate proposed remedy in redline form clearly delineating the text to be deleted and the new text to be added.

  4. Nonduplication of Issue. Awards of $50 will be limited to a single compliance issue. For example, if you find an error on one of our forms that is duplicated on additional forms, the correction will be deemed a single compliance issue, and you will only be entitled to a single payment of $50 for that issue.

  5. Multiple Corrections to Single Form. Multiple corrections within a single form shall qualify for a maximum award of $50. However, depending upon the complexity and materiality of the proposed correction, PublicLegal may at its sole discretion grant an award in excess of this amount.

  6. Timeliness. Payment will only be made to the first person who brings the proposed correction to our attention and will be limited to those corrections that are deemed legally accurate and adopted by our site.

  7. Technical Issue. Corrections that relate to the font type, font size, or other technical, non-substantive matters will qualify only for an award of $10.

  8. Payment. Payments will be dispersed by bank check or PayPal at the contributor's discretion.

  9. Liability. PublicLegal covenants that all submissions will remain anonymous and no liability will arise from any proposed corrections whether adopted or not.

  10. Incorporation by Reference. All proposed corrections and payments are governed by PublicLegal's general Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please complete the form below and press "Submit". It is important that you substantiate any proposed corrections by citing the applicable statute or other governing law. We ask that you please copy-and-paste below any portions of the form at issue and use strikethrough and underscore to emphasize changes. Thank you.