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Navigating the Law Formal Programs

More than 100 ABA-approved legal study abroad programs are available through various American sponsor institutions. The programs cover a wide range of topics and are held all over the world. Even a few semester programs and internship exchange programs exist.

These programs are the simplest for a law student to arrange. They have been pre-approved by the ABA, and all of the details have been pre-arranged. Just follow the continuing steps below:

Choose a Program & Get the Application: The list below is arranged by geographic region. Under each region there are lists of programs to choose, some of them have their brochures online. None that I know of have their applications available on-line, so you will have to write or e-mail for the program information.

Consult Your Home Institution & Apply: Once you have the program brochure and application, consult you home institution to arrange credit transfer BEFORE you apply. 

Often a home institution will not accept credits after the fact. If all is clear with your home institution, apply to the program and you are done!