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Western Europe

WESTERN EUROPE: Not surprisingly, this area is the one most established and having the most study abroad programs. Some of them have been running for decades.

There are several long term options for study in Western Europe. The Center for International Legal Studies offers internships to graduates and study abroad at various universities in Europe. The University of Detroit and the University of Texas at Austin have semester and year programs in London, England.

There are also many summer programs covering most of the countries in Western Europe and a wide range of legal topics.

L.L.M, Year, and Semester Programs

University of Detroit Year or Semester In London Program:
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law Semester Programs in London, England

The University of Detroit has a year or semester program in London, England. Study is done at the University of London's Maria Assumpta Educational Center in Kensington and Chelsea Borough. The course work is ABA approved and allows the flexibility to take American law course at the same time to satisfy graduation requirements one might otherwise miss studying abroad.

Semester in London

Pace offers a program affiliated with a European law faculty. This arrangement provides Pace London students with numerous benefits, the most important being that the majority of Pace London courses are taught by senior faculty from one of the premier law schools of Europe: University College London. In addition, students have access to the excellent UCL library and student union, state-of-the-art computer facilities, travel and health services, low cost dining, recreation and sporting facilities.

Professor Gayle Westerman
Program Director
Pace University School of Law
78 North Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603

Phone: (914) 422-4252

Summer Programs

Due to the large number of programs in Western Europe, this section has been broken into two files: