About this Form:  The requirements for a changing one's name in Tennessee is set forth in T.C.A. § 29-8-101, et seq. Tennessee law requires that petition filed in the county court in which the Petitioner (i.e., the person seeking to change his or her name) lives.  Any lawful reason that the Petitioner regards as a benefit is typically adequate to satisfy most courts, as long as the change is not sought with the intention of misleading any present or potential creditors and so long as the name change is not sought for any fraudulent purpose. For example, the Petitioner may prefer a new name due to social or religious reasons. A Petitioner may wish to restore her maiden name because she no longer wishes to be known by her husband's surname. Any legitimate reason will typically suffice, but it must be proven to the court by "clear and convincing evidence" that the name change petition is filed in good faith.

Tennessee law provides that the court may reject a name change petition if "the court has reason to believe that the petition is being made to defraud or mislead, is not being made in good faith, will cause injury to an individual or to compromise public safety...." An individual convicted of a felony is ineligible to change one's name in Tennessee. State law provides, "The name change shall not be granted unless the individual requesting the name change proves by clear and convincing evidence that the petition is not based upon an intent to defraud or mislead, is made in good faith, will not cause injury to an individual and will not compromise public safety.”

Some courts may require the Petitioner to supply a list of the names and addresses of his or her creditors. The Petitioner should contact the court clerk in the county in which he or she resides to determine the current filing fees, docket number (typically provided after paying the court's filing fee), and other local requirements.

The purchased version of this petition includes an Order Granting the Name Change of an Adult, which the court will require filed along with the petition.

Petition for Change of Name of Adult

State of Tennessee
County of ________________
Court _____________________________
Docket No. ________________________

Name of Petitioner: _____________________________
In re:  Change of Name of Adult  

From: _____________________________
To: _______________________________

Petitioner makes the following declaration:

1. Birth Date and Place, Sex, Race, Employment: Petitioner was born on _______________________, ______ in ________________________ [city], ________________________ [county], ________________________ [state]. A certified copy of petitioner’s birth certificate is attached to this petition. The Petitioner is ________ [male/female]. The Petitioner’s race is: ________________. The Petitioner is employed by ________________ in ________________, Tennessee.

2. Birth Name:  Petitioner was named ____________________________________________ at birth, and as of the date of this petition, the Petitioner has always been known by that name, with the following exceptions, if any:
[list all legal names previously held].

3. Residence:  Petitioner resides at _______________________ [insert residential address] and has lived at this address for ________ [insert length of time in months or years at this address].

4. Petitioner's Parents:  The father of the Petitioner is named ______________________________________________, and he resides at _____________________________________________________________________________ [insert residential address of father].  The mother of the Petitioner is named ______________________________________________, and she resides at _____________________________________________________________________________ [insert residential address of mother]. 

5. Reason for Name Change:  Petitioner seeks to change his or her name to ______________________________________________ and offers the following reason(s) for seeking to do so:

Petitioner does not desire or intend to deceive or mislead any present or potential creditors by having _______ [his/her] name changed, nor will _______ [he/she] use _______ [his/her] name change for any fraudulent purpose.

6. Legal and Creditor Status:  Petitioner does not have any outstanding judgments, has never been convicted of a crime, and is not involved in any pending legal actions.

7. Additional Declarations:  In addition to the foregoing statements, the Petitioner further declares:
[insert additional declarations, if any].

WHEREFORE, Petitioner prays:

1. That an Order be entered pursuant to T.C.A. § 29-8-101, et seq., changing Petitioner's legal name from ____________________________________________ to ____________________________________________, and

2. That Petitioner be granted such other and further relief as is just and proper.


I, ______________________________________________ [name of Petitioner], being first duly sworn according to law, make oath that I have read the foregoing petition and that the facts set forth therein are true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.

Petitioner's Signature

Petitioner's Address, Line 1


Petitioner's Address, Line 2

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this ____ day of __________________, 20_____.