Instructions for Using the Michigan "7-Day Notice" Demand for Possession, Nonpayment of Rent Form:

This form is a court-approved document that is used when a tenant has failed to pay rent, and the landlord wishes to either receive payment or have the tenant vacate the premises. It is commonly referred to as a "7-Day Notice."

Step 1: Read Your Lease

Before using this form, it is important to check that your lease with the tenant does not require a longer notice period than the minimum 7-day period required by Michigan law. If your lease allows the tenant more than 7 days of notice, make sure to specify the correct number of days in the notice form.

Step 2: Complete the "7-Day Notice" Form

This form, available from PublicLegal at the link on this page, is a form-fillable PDF that can be easily and quickly completed. Ensure that all the necessary information is filled out correctly and completely, including the date, tenant's name, and the amount of rent due. Print the form set and have the owner or the owner's agent sign both pages.

Step 3: Serve the Notice to the Tenant

The notice must be "served" or delivered to the tenant. This notice can be served to the tenant in one of four ways:

  1. Delivering it personally to the tenant.
  2. Delivering it on the premises to a member of the tenant's household or employee, with a request that it be delivered to the tenant.
  3. Sending it first-class mail addressed to the tenant at his or her last known address.
  4. E-mailing it, if the tenant has consented in writing to electronic service.
Note: Improper service methods include slipping the demand under the tenant's door, leaving the demand outside the tenant's door, attaching the demand to the property, or mailing the demand by methods that require a signature.

Step 4: Complete the Certificate of Service

Complete the Certificate of Service on the "Court copy" of the demand for possession. This copy is for your records. Keep it in a safe place because you may need it later if you file a complaint for eviction with the court.

Step 5: File the Form Along with the Complaint for Eviction

If the tenant does not pay the rent or vacate the premises within the notice period, the landlord may proceed with an eviction filing. You will need to attach the "Court copy" to your complaint when you file it with the court.