Last Updated: January 28, 2023.

About this Form Set

This form set is a legally-compliant 72-Hour and 144-Hour Notice of Non-Payment of Rent for use in Oregon, complete with instructions and an affidavit of service. The documents have been professionally crafted to meet the requirements outlined in ORS 90.155 and ORS 90.394. This notice letter serves as the first step in the eviction process, giving the tenant the option to either pay all past-due rent within the time frame specified in the notice or to vacate the premises. The form letter is a standard, unlocked Microsoft Word document, reusable, customizable to fit your specific situation, and can be downloaded immediately after purchase.
72-Hour and 144-Hour Notice of Non-Payment of Rent: Service Requirements in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, serving a notice for nonpayment of rent must be done in a specific manner. Even if the notice is written correctly, the notice is only valid if served on the tenant properly.

Personal Delivery, US Mail, and Attachment

According to Oregon law, notices can be served through personal delivery or first-class mail and (door) attachment.

✔  For a 72-hour or 144-hour notice for nonpayment of rent, the notice is considered properly served on the date it is mailed to the tenant and attached securely to the main entrance of the tenant’s dwelling unit (typically, the tenant’s front door). The time will start tolling when the notice is securely attached to the tenant’s main entrance.

✔  The landlord must provide the 72-hour notice no earlier than the eighth day of the rental period, including the first day that the rent was due; OR

✔  The landlord must provide the 144-hour notice no earlier than the fifth day of the rental period, including the first day that the rent was due.

Only one of the two notice options is required. For instance, if rent is due on the 1st of the month, the landlord may provide a 72-hour notice on the 8th. Alternatively, the landlord can provide the tenant with notice after 4 days, giving the tenant 144 hours to pay the overdue rent.

(Please note that a written lease agreement may specify additional service methods, so landlords are advised to review the lease terms carefully.)

If Delivered by US Mail Only: Tenant Gets 3 Extra Days

⚠  When mailing the notice, first-class mail is the only type of mail accepted under Oregon law in eviction-related matters. Oregon law does not recognize US certified mail or US registered mail in these cases, as it can delay delivery to the tenant.

⚠  If a landlord serves a notice of nonpayment of rent exclusively through US first-class mail, the tenant must be given an additional three days on top of the 72-hour or 144-hour period. In that event, the termination of the tenancy must also be extended by three days beyond the standard 72-hour or 144-hour period (resulting in 144-hour or 216-hour notice, respectively -- i.e., 6 or 9 days). A landlord can save these three extra days simply by securely attaching the notice to the tenant's front door, depositing the notice in the US mail, and ensuring the mailing is postmarked on the same day.